Sunday, November 16, 2008

New toy: Reynolds Handi-Vac

I've been eyeing this for a few weeks and it went on sale so I finally bought it! I hate freezer burn and it seems like it ruins the meat after awhile. The Handi-Vac retails for $10 and comes with 3 1-quart bags. It's battery operated and comes with batteries in it.

There's a little hole in each bag and you put the device over the hole and press the blue button. You have to press down pretty hard and sometimes wiggle it a bit so it gets the right suction.

Due to the way that it sucks out the air, it shouldn't be used for foods with liquids--the meat below had a little sauce left and I had to stop suctioning so it would pull the liquid out of the little hole.

Overall, I would give it a B+. It seems like it takes a little work to get the hole in the bag aligned right to work with the suction device, but it's a great price if you'd like to vacuum seal your foods!


Mom said...

How much are the bags that you need to use with the gadget?

The Lazy Housewife said...

I'm not sure..they're in the aisle with stuff like foil and sandwich bags.