Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A few of my favorite things

I was going through my kitchen the other day and thought I would post the things I absolutely CANNOT live without.

OXO Tongs--it's not so much the brand that matters, but up until a couple of months ago, I had not figured out it's so much easier to turn over chicken breasts and steaks in a pan with tongs than a spatula. Me=not smart.

Pyrex storage containers--you will never, ever use Tupperware again if you get a couple of sets of these! I registered for one set and loved it so much I bought another after our wedding. They're glass, the contents can be reheated in the microwave, and they never stain.

simplehuman dish rack--this thingamabob is so cool. It's metal, has slots for dishes and silverware, a little rack you can pull out for glasses, and my favorite, a little tab that sticks out that drains the water into the sink.

See, isn't that cool? It, and the cup holding tray, swivel back to the center of the rack so you can easily store it. I seriously love this thing. I hand wash our everyday china because the pattern is so pretty and I have no doubts this will last forever.

Henckles 7" Sontaku knife and sharpening steel--every kitchen needs a good knife like this, and you must invest in a sharpener, too! I sharpen it about every other time I use it, 6 times each side.

All-Clad 3-Quart Stainless Steel Saute Pan--ever since I bought this baby I haven't even used my other All-Clad 12" fry pan. If you have to pick one, this is the one. It's deeper to accommodate dishes with a lot of veggies or a sauce.

What are your favorite kitchen tools?


Mom said...

I have to agree with the tongs being an essential tool. I can't believe I went 30 years before I bought a pair!!

ashley said...

i have three sets of those pyrex storage containers. i love them!